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It’s here. The weirdest summer on record. Your July horoscope arrives with everything you need to stay cool—and survive Venus retrograde—Strega Specials. After a long day of meetings in-person or virtual and deadlines, all you probably want to do is curl up on the couch with something yummy, turn on your latest Netflix binge, and relax. But what about that go-to0 feel-good food your craving? Strega Italiano cures even the most stressful days.


Sunset Sangria

The sun is shining and the weather is HOT. That means we’re dreaming about refreshing summer drinks. Who doesn’t gravitate towards refreshing and fruity sangria? Warm, spiced and comforting, everything you want in a summer drink. Fabulous, flavorful, and a sangria that will impress anyone. A traditional drink that combines housemade sangria with seasonal fresh fruit your choice of red, white, or rosé.


One In A Melon

Watermelon, everyone’s favorite summer fruit. Needless to say, when watermelon comes into season, bring out the drinks! Watermelon is a juicy, refreshing fruit. This pretty pink drink is just about as refreshing as it gets this time of year, and is all too easy to sip. What’s better? This eye-catching cocktail is combined with rum, mint, fresh watermelon juice, and fresh lime.


Cheeky Peach

This just may be the most refreshing way to drink your summer fruit. Classy and cooling. Peach for a more in-season approach that’s even juicer than the original. It balances things and lends a surprise element that makes you quickly go in for another sip.To make things even sweeter, peach purée, prosecco, and fresh thyme. This drink is guaranteed to a treat on the hottest of days! 


Stop By For A Luscious Drink for Hot Summer Days

Summer cocktails should be cooling, refreshing, and ideally, easy to consume. Whether they start with gin or rum or vodka or tequila, all these drinks will make an afternoon (or evening) outdoors that much better. We adore our sweet summer time with a drink in our hands more than ever. Visit Strega Italiano in the back bay and enjoy our specialty drinks tonight.

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