Making sunny side up eggs with fried potato and grated cheese

Cheese graters are an essential kitchen tool. Homemade pasta is not as difficult as you might think but you shouldn’t skip out on the grated cheese. Different types of cheese graters all serve different purposes, and all of them make grating cheese an easy task. First and foremost who doesn’t love it freshly grated cheese on pasta?


The Box Grater

The box grater is a classic all-purpose grater for both hard cheeses and softer cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella. The box grater have a sturdy base, a secure handle on top, and can also grate harder vegetables such as carrots and beets. A standard box grater typically offers 3 to 4 different grating sizes. There are some box graters that have a removable storage container that will catch and measure the cheese as you go.

Microplane Grater


The Microplane grater originated as an excellent smoothing tool for woodworking. It grates hard cheese very finely, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is sleek and easy to store. The design allows for grating in both directions. It’s useful for grating parmesan over pasta before serving or at the table. This is a preferred method for grating small amounts of fresh Parmesan.


Rotary Cheese Grater


This rotary cheese grater is ideal for really hard cheeses, such as grating Parmigiano-Reggiano, Asiago, or Canaria cheese over pasta. This style of grater can be stored in the refrigerator, with a chunk of cheese inside. Rotary graters can be easier to hold than box graters, providing extra leverage to quickly and efficiently grate cheese. It’s much safer than a Microplane grater.


You have laid your eyes on these tools before.  Any of these will give you grated cheese!  Lets face it grating a hard cheese like Parmesan —a rasp-style grater —showers down delicate strands of cheesy goodness onto whatever landscape of pasta or vegetables or meat lies below. It’s a beautiful gesture, it makes the presentation of pasta. It is what Italian artists describe as sprezzatura. But in all, the beauty of grated cheese find the best option that works for you. Enjoy your at home finely-grated, shaky-style cheese the stuff that looks like a powder. Think of STRIP by Strega while your cheese rains down on your dinner like a cheesy blizzard. Ditch the pre-grated stuff and leave it at the grocery store. Before you know it we all be enjoying pasta again at STRIP by Strega!

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