Group of friends are enjoying a meal in a restaurant. They are are talking and laughing while eating and drinking wine.

Do you miss the tinkling sound of glasses, the rattling of cutlery, the low, velvety hum of a packed  STRIP by Strega enjoying their night out? We are too. All around Boston and the world we are in what feels like a  lockdown. We are all cooking at home but silently while missing the joy of eating with strangers and of being cooked for by master chefs who aren’t apart of the family.


How To Cope With STRIP by Strega Withdrawal?

Center yourself as if you were back in our dining room. Recreate date night at home as if you’re at STRIP by Strega.   Experience with your own family, open up your home with the heritage of traditional Italian food. Don’t let the scare of the Coronavirus scare you out of challenging yourself in the kitchen. Load your family up with classic Italian carbohydrates. Give your family the classics with Ricotta Gnocchi, Bolognese, and Linguine and Clams. Any of these carbohydrate confections will make for the perfect centerpiece of the big night. Recreating the STRIP by Strega experience will be evocative of the currently inaccessible joys of dining socially, side by side in a white-table clothed wonderland that seems like yesterday and a million years ago. Now the decor of your dining room won’t look the same as ours but it is all about what you are eating on the plate.  At time like this, you have to innovate.

Worried About What To Serve?


Stick to pasta! Pasta, no one can never get enough of you. What would you do without pasta?  Especially at a time like this! Pasta is  a comfort carb-loaded friend and a family crowd-pleaser. Pasta will always be your constant comfort companion. With pasta in your stomach, there is no way you can’t have it all. There are so many kinds of pasta to choose from! So get to cooking!


 Going To Restaurants Will At Some Point Be Acceptable Again


Just as you can protect yourself somewhat by wearing a mask to protect from particles spewed by a nearby cough or sneeze when outside, you will be able to do this as you eat out.  There are so many better things to do than worrying, so take this time to do what you want in the kitchen. Before you know you will be back to STRIP by Strega. While you wait Our Sister Restaurant Strega Waterfront is Open for Takeout! Wednesday through Saturday from 4-8 pm.






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