Romance at night restaurant for Valentine's Da

The most romantic kind of dinner is cooked with love. Even better if it’s something you can share off the same big plate or even straight out of the pan together. Food is made for love – take our romantic recipes for you to share with your loved ones. At Strip By Strega we know how to set the mood to get your perfect romantic eating. Romance is not dead. We are here to strike it back up. First date, ninth date, anniversary date, besties date . . . Strip by Strega is perfect for any of those dates.

Bring On The Raw Bar


Move over cuddling. It’s about candles, dinner dates, romance, and oysters at Strip By Strega.
Oysters have been said to be an aphrodisiac, food to enhance desire. Oysters taste best in the winter. Oysters are an integral part of a romantic dining experience. The human body has five senses. Taste is greatly influenced by the other senses. Your food will taste better in a romantic setting, perhaps some music, candlelight, our nice aesthetic. A night out with oysters you’ll be stacking the odds in your favor. February oysters are some of the best of the year.

Go In For The Steak Tartare

When you have meat that good, it’s worth trying it raw, especially when dressed the right way. Strip’s Prime Sirloin Tartare. Truffle Aioli. Dijonaise. Red Onion. Cornichon. Capers. House-Made Chips

What’s More Romantic Than A Lobster Bisque


Lobster Bisque might be the perfect menu selection for your romantic date night.This dish can be considered low-carb. Lobster bisque tastes best- with just Maine Lobster meat, Sherry and Sambuca.

Pasta Screams “That’s Amore”


Italian food boasts romance so you’re in the right place, but especially pasta. Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp? Dinner is the perfect excuse to brighten things up with Linguine & Clams. You simply can’t go wrong with littleneck clams, parmesan, orvieto, and parsley. This chic dinner tosses linguini with tender little clams this one may be best for those couples out there that share a mutual obsession with clams.

Nice Rack!

You can achieve the mood you were hoping for. Lamb is a fancy choice and the one you should choose when you’re really trying to impress your loved one. A rack of Lamb is part of the charm! There’s nothing better than a rack of lamb with whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus. baby carrots and Vin Cotto. Don’t be shy about picking up your food and eating it with your hands—your date will still love you!

Nothing Says Love Like Dessert!

Stop “acting” like you love super complicated desserts. Keep it simple with a strawberry cheesecake or sorbet and gelato!

Choose Strip by Strega for Date Night!

Strip By Strega should be on your list for a romantic dinner out with your spouse. Our tasty idyllic menu for the starry-eyed sap is the perfect food to treat yourself to. Take a look at our full menu on our website and book a reservation with us today

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