The bold taste and decadence of champagne pairs perfectly with the savory rich flavors of caviar. Whether you are dining at a quaint bistro by the sea or a high-scale restaurant, it’s important to know which item on the drink menu will best enhance your dining experience. 

Best Champagne and Royal Ossetra Caviar Pairings

Enjoying the heady flavor of caviar can only be enhanced by the finest of wines and champagnes. However, it’s essential to make your choice wisely. Here are the best caviar and champagne pairings.

Champagne Blanc de Noirs

The black grapes that are used to produce this bold and sensual drink. The varied aromantic flavors and the pronounced color of the champagne alongside the carbonation create a heavenly experience when paired with caviar.

Champagne Blanc de Blancs

This champagne is the favorite among those with a palette that prefers a lighter and more subtle pairing of champagne and caviar. The white grapes used for this champagne typically have a tarter taste that can bring out the salty deliciousness of caviar. 


Rosé has a reputation for being a light drink and its gorgeous pink color has inspired many, which makes it a favorite among those who want to savor the flavors of caviar and complement it with a burst of fresh and vibrant rosé.

The Top Wine and Royal Ossetra Caviar Pairings

Champagne isn’t the only item on the drink menu that pairs well with caviar. Often, the best drink to have when sampling the strong flavors of caviar is wine. However, with the many different varieties of wine, it can be hard to make a decision. Here are some of the top choices for wine lovers enjoying caviar.

Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine is a favorite among those who love a crisp and refreshing drink. The notes of nuts, herbs, and fruits such as lemon, offer a wide variety for those who want a drink that will keep them on their toes. Sauvignon blanc pairs well with higher-end caviar, as it is both flavorful and crisp enough to complement the flavor. 

Pinot Grigio

Another light yet evocative wine, pinot grigio offers one of the best complements to caviar of all kinds. However, take heed to the fact that caviar is a subtler taste. It’s imperative that you choose a pinot grigio that is known for it’s distinct, yet not overwhelming taste. 

Blanc de Noir

Blan de noir is an increasingly popular choice for those who are enjoying royal ossetra caviar. It’s a sparkling white wine that is made from red and black grapes. Blanc de noir has the best of both worlds with the carbonation that champagne lovers rejoice and the bold accents that red wine lovers praise. When paired with caviar, it complements the flavor without overpowering it. 

Key Takeaways

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