Many Americans enjoy a night out at a fine steakhouse from time to time. Not all, however, are fully aware of the numerous steak cuts that exist. This can make it challenging to order exactly the type of steak one wants. We put together a brief guide to help you explore the world of steaks.

Rib-eye steak

Rib-eye steak is one of the more popular cuts of meat in the United States. Taken from the rib primal, this is a boneless steak that is frequently used as a roast or as a steakhouse entree. Rib-eye steaks and prime rib steaks are the same cut of meat, but prime rib must be made from prime grade beef. 

Round steak

Round steak is taken from the center of the top round roast in the round primal region. This is a thin, tough cut of meat that is ideally served after being braised. It is possible to grill or broil round steak, but it is imperative to properly marinate it prior to trying one of these methods. 

Round tip steak

Taken from the tip of the round primal area, round tip steak is generally untrimmed, which means it still has fat along its edges. Once the fat has been removed, it can be referred to as a trimmed tip steak. Round tip steak is generally an excellent choice for those who are interested in an affordable, tender cut of meat. 

Skirt steak

In the United States and its territories, the term “skirt steak” refers to a cut of meat taken from the plate primal. In the United Kingdom and its territories, this name refers to meat cut from the flank. In either case, skirt steak is known for its flavorful marbling and for the presence of connective tissue. It is generally tough, but delicious when prepared properly. 

T-bone steak

A well-known type of steak, the T-bone is crosscut from underneath the area where Porterhouse steaks are cut. T-bones, in essence, are smaller versions of Porterhouses and still feature sections of top loin steaks and tenderloin steaks, segmented by bone. 

Tenderloin steak

Tenderloin steak is known for being the most tender type of steak. Several cuts actually fall into this category. Filet mignon, chateaubriand, and tournedos are all taken from the short loin primal area. Due to its tender texture and immense flavor, tenderloin steak is also the most expensive option at most steakhouses. 

Hopefully, you now feel more confident about both preparing steaks in your home and ordering from a steakhouse menu. Being a prestigious steakhouse, Strip by Strega offer patrons unrivaled experiences and the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable meals, the memories of which will remain long after the night is over. Make a reservation today and see for yourself!

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