Burrata & Prosciutto with toast & aged balsamic

Appetizers set the tone for your meal. When you’re with a group of friends or family, they are a way for you all to try a number of the same foods and bond over your shared opinions of them. If you’re in a professional setting, a shared appetizer is a great way to break the ice. These are just a few of the selection of our most notable and shareable appetizers for you to try next time you visit STRIP by Strega.

Fried Calamari 

Fried calamari is widely loved from coast to coast. This dish includes Shishito peppers, onion, fennel, truffle, and spicy aioli. Enjoy the savory fresh daily catch with the perfect kick of spice.

Wagyu Carpaccio 

Thin slices of mouth-watering and tender Wagyu beef, prepared rare. A juicy dish bursting with flavor. Accompanied by lemon emulsion, feta cheese, pickled cucumber, pickled mushrooms, and fried olives.

Burrata and Prosciutto di Parma 

Creamy burrata and savory prosciutto that melts in your mouth. Made with grilled vine tomatoes, artichoke, Romesco Fava beans, aged balsamic glaze, and micro basil, this dish is the epitome of classic Italian flavor. Served on crispy grilled bread, this is so delicious you won’t want to share!  

Fried Local Oysters 

Locally caught oysters are served with delicious citrus aioli, serrano peppers, and radish for a flavor profile sure to impress. Fried oysters are an ideal appetizer to share – it’s easy to eat and the perfect size leaving room for your anticipated entrée. 

Tuna Tartare 

The table will love our innovative spin on this classic dish. Featuring fresh avocado, gomadare, miso, fried lotus, cilantro, and scallions, our tuna tartare is carefully crafted with the ideal balance for your palette.

Whether you are sharing your appetizer with friends, family, or colleagues, we’ve got something perfect for the occasion! Visit our fine-dining seafood and steakhouse to experience exceptional cuisine and a magnificent ambiance. Each dish is made using only the freshest ingredients to ensure consistent quality. Our chefs handcraft each plate with meticulous attention to detail that ensures not only a great taste but also a mesmerizing aesthetic. Pair your appetizer with a hand-crafted drink from our newly released seasonal cocktail menu. Make a reservation at STRIP by Strega!

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