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Planning a birthday, anniversary, or a corporate event can be stressful and time-consuming. Some of the biggest hurdles to handle tend to be the decoration of the event space itself as well as creating the perfect menu for your guests. Choosing to host your private event at STRIP by Strega can be an easy way to solve these two problems. In a lot of ways, hosting at our critically-acclaimed restaurant can make things easy, take the stress off your hands, and, most importantly, make everyone happy.

Confirm Number of Guests

Nothing throws a party for a loop quite like running out of space to host everyone. Some situations can be out of the host’s hands, but in a lot of cases, the problem comes down to choosing a space that’s too small. At STRIP, a full restaurant buyout can accommodate parties of up to 250 guests!

Keep an Eye on Fees

Some places that are lower quality locations will try to trick you with fees for silverware, plates, and other features of hosting an event. At STRIP, we offer full transparency with the planners and guarantee professional service providing a great experience.

Find Out all They Have to Offer

Don’t have a specific vision of executing your event? No problem! At STRIP by Strega, we offer things that might make for a great idea, even one that hasn’t come to mind yet. The atmosphere our staff creates for an event can go a long way. Events are temporary excursions, but given the right setting, you might be able to leave guests thinking about the evening long after the event is over. 

STRIP by Strega can create perfect setting for any private event. Between a dynamic atmosphere that makes an impression, and incomparable organization and service, be sure to make our restaurant the spot for your next private event!

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Covid-19 Update

Under the directive of State Governments ALL restaurants are temporarily closed, effective immediately. We are hoping that following these actions are in the best interest of public health and that we are able to play a role in protecting the elderly, the vulnerable and ultimately flattening the curve. Our partners in Taipei, Taiwan however are open for business, and we are inspired by their quick recovery and sustainability as our model for the near future.

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