steak cut pink in the middle

Undoubtedly, steak is (and has always been) one of our most favorite dishes. While everyone has their own preferences, the steak lovers’ most heated debate has always revolved around the levels of doneness. The different ways a steak can be cooked can completely transform the flavor profile and texture of the piece of meat. 

Blue Rare

This is the rawest option you may request for your steak. Extra-rare, or blue, is seared over high heat nearly momentarily, making it slightly charred on the sides. However, the meat remains very red and cold at about 46-49 degrees.


Rare steaks are warm and pinkish-red through the center, cooked to 120-130 degrees. The sides and outsides should show signs of a quick cook, usually no more than 5 minutes on a hot grill or stovetop. 

Medium Rare

If a rare steak doesn’t sound appealing to you but you still want some red to the meat, medium rare is your best bet. Cooked to 130-135 degrees, the outside of a medium-rare steak is browner than a rare steak, making it more appealing to those who want a firm exterior, but a middle that bounces back with a softer interior.


Medium is the first cook that gets a real charred look to the outsides and edges of the steak. With a red middle that holds an interior temperature of 140-160 degrees, the richness is intact inside a more cooked outside. The inner red should look more like a band than a red center.

Medium Well

If you prefer no blood in your steak, medium well gets rid of the red and keeps things brown all the way through. The sweet spot cooking steak medium well is 155-165 degrees.

Well Done

Lastly, a well-done steak is sometimes considered an improper method, but everyone likes what they like. This method is achievable by cooking the steak slowly over low heat.

No matter what sort of steak cook sounds best, our chefs will prepare your sreak precisely to order. Rare, well done, or something in between, every option is cooked to perfection from the award-winning chefs at STRIP by Strega. Reserve a table today!

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