waffle dish from STRIP by Strega

Dining at a restaurant where food is prepared in a scratch kitchen is much different than consuming food at a restaurant that uses mass-produced pre-cooked ingredients. While the majority of restaurants don’t utilize scratch kitchens, each Strega restaurant does. At STRIP by Strega, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality meals made with only the freshest ingredients.

1. Better Tasting Food

There’s something to be said about quality over quantity, but at STRIP by Strega, we provide both. The food comes our fresh & hot and isn’t filled with artificial preservatives so they can sit in the freezer for weeks. Each day, our chef works diligently to ensure guests are getting the best tasting food.

2. Supporting Local Agriculture

Scratch kitchens rely on local ingredients to maintain peak freshness. Scratch kitchens purchase from local agriculture sources and support an industry that desperately needs it. Other restaurants purchase from large corporations, leaving their local agriculture community struggling to make ends meet.

3. Fewer Preservatives

Frozen and mass-produced food is filled with preservatives, dyes, and other harmful chemicals that customers eat without a second thought. At a scratch kitchen, you know that none of the ingredients or meals are filled with those unnecessary additions. Not only does this lead to better tasting food, but healthier food as well.

4. Food Made with A Purpose

Scratch kitchens make each dish with a purpose. Each ingredient is handpicked, chopped, sliced, cooked, and seasoned exactly how it should be for that dish. Traditional restaurants may leave you piling on salt and pepper to add flavor to the frozen and reheated meal, but in a scratch kitchen, each dish and ingredient can stand all on its own.

5. Seasonal Variety

Scratch kitchens rely on seasonal varieties of fresh foods to fill their menu. This means you get to enjoy seasonal and regional variety, rather than the same items every time you visit. Scratch kitchens located closer to the coast will likely serve more seafood, while mainland scratch kitchens may feature more beef or pork.

Why You Should Dine at STRIP by Strega

As we mentioned, Chef Farouk Bazoune creates exceptional dishes with a focus on mouth-watering steak. Our talented chef uses the finest ingredients to have guests coming back for more. Perfecting both quintessential steak dishes and diversifying the menu with unique meals such as the Cioppino which features shrimp, scallops, lobster, littleneck clams, and more. We also have a wide assortment of freshly made desserts including the ever-popular House Waffle with caramel, pecan and whipped cream.

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