Filet Over Seasonal Vegetables

Ordering a steak may seem overwhelming when you’re looking at a menu filled with different cuts of steak. While there are a variety of cuts, most guests are looking for the juiciest cut for a melt-in-your-mouth taste. For a juicy steak many are torn between the porterhouse and the ribeye. Similar in taste to someone who doesn’t indulge in steak too heavily, there are actually several core differences.


The porterhouse, also known as a T-bone, is an extremely thick cut of steak. To be considered a porterhouse the steak must be 1.25” thick, so if you’re ordering this, make sure you have a big appetite. This steak still has a bone in it, which separates two different cuts of steak all in one. One side of the bone contains tenderloin while the other is a New York Strip.

This steak is filled with marbling throughout which makes for a rich flavor and juicy texture; the strip steak side of the bone will be the juiciest part of the steak. A porterhouse or T-bone can be tricky to cook properly, so it’s best to leave this to the expert chefs at STRIP by Strega. Come take a bite out of our 24 oz Prime Porterhouse and pair with one of our delicious sauces including the marsala, green peppercorn, house BBQ, or Hollandaise.


The ribeye is known for a robust flavor profile and juicy texture that will leave you craving more. This cut is derived from the rib section of a cow which gives it wonderful marbling and a juicy center that no other steak can compare to. The marbling throughout the ribeye can make it difficult to grill without losing flavor, but don’t worry, we have it mastered! Ribeye can be eaten with or without the bone, but the flavor is very similar either way. When cooked properly the ribeye is extremely tender and the natural flavors means no extra sauces or toppings are necessary.

To bring out the juicy texture and natural flavor of these or any other cut of steak, ask your server which sauces and wines pair the best with that specific cut. If you’re looking for a more tender cut or a cut that pairs well with a heavier sauce, we have plenty of menu options for that as well! Pair our “K.C.” Prime Dry Aged Sirloin with shrimp or lobster.

If you’re in Boston’s Back Bay, stop into STRIP by Strega and grab a cocktail at our bar. In the mood for something light? You’ll love our first-course selection like the Steak Tartare, Octopus Carpaccio and Lobster Gnocchi. We have a variety of steaks available with some delicious side options including the Parmesan Truffle Fries, Creamed Corn, Broccoli Rabe and Cheddar Au Gratin Potatoes.With the cold weather on the way, dig into a hot entree this holiday season at STRIP by Strega.



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