steak at strip by strega

When it comes to finding a great steak, people typically search for two things: flavor and tenderness. If you’re searching for that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness but aren’t sure which cut of steak to find it in, look no further. Here’s a closer look at some of the most tender cuts of steak you can find.

Filet: The filet, also known as the tenderloin, is the most tender cut of steak that money can buy. This cut comes from a muscle in the lower back of a steer that doesn’t get very much use throughout their lifetime, which is what makes it so tender. The filet has a milder flavor, which means it’s often paired with sauces or bacon during cooking to add more dimension. This steak’s tenderness can’t be beaten. When you feel it melt in your mouth with every bite you’ll surely agree.

Ribeye: The ribeye is a close second in tenderness when compared to the filet, but it has a much stronger flavor profile. The ribeye is cut from ribs six through twelve on a steer to provide the most tender steak possible from that region. This cut is filled with fat marbling throughout which amps up the flavor. That means this steak is good all on its own, no bacon or sauce needed.

Porterhouse: This steak isn’t near as tender as the filet or ribeye, but it still deserves a mention on this list. You’ll need a hefty appetite to finish this steak considering each cut has to be at least 1.25” thick according to the USDA. This cut is also filled with fatty marbling throughout to give it a great flavor similar to the ribeye, but it isn’t quite as tender. You may enjoy a lighter sauce with this steak, but it isn’t necessary.

At STRIP by Strega, you can enjoy all the tender delicious steaks mentioned here and more. Our expert servers can recommend the best wine and sauce pairings to compliment whichever cut you choose and you can enjoy shrimp or lobster along with your steak if you want even more culinary delight. Each of our steaks is served with our house truffle butter to create an even juicier, more flavorful, and more tender steak for you to enjoy.

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