steak and truffle fries

Pairing the right sauce with your steak is the perfect way to take the flavor and dining experience to the next level. At STRIP by Strega we offer a variety of sauces to complement each of our cuts of steak but knowing which sauce to pair with each cut is the key. Our expert servers are always ready to give suggestions and pairing tips, but here are a few sauce and steak pairings that you need to know before enjoying your next steak.

Filet: The filet is the most tender cut of steak that money can buy, but that melt in your mouth flavor comes with a compromise. The tenderness of this cut is credited to the lack of fat marbling within it, but that leads to less natural flavor. The right sauce pairing with this cut is the perfect way to enjoy all of the tenderness without missing out on any flavor. This steak is best paired with a rich, flavorful hollandaise or béarnaise sauce.

Ribeye: The ribeye is a full-bodied flavor filled steak. This cut is filled with gorgeous fat marbling throughout the meat that gives it all the natural flavor you could possibly want. Many people choose to let the ribeye speak for itself and don’t pair it with a sauce. At STRIP by Strega, all our steaks are served with our house truffle butter sauce which can be a great addition to an already flavorful steak. If you’d like a heavier sauce, tell your server what type of flavor you’re looking for to decide which sauce would be best for you.

Porterhouse: The porterhouse is a cut of steak only a true steak lover should order. Each steak has to be at least 1 ¼” thick to meet USDA standards which means you should come with a big appetite if you plan to order this cut. The porterhouse is filled with fat marbling to give it a great natural flavor, but it isn’t quite as strong as the ribeye. Many people enjoy their porterhouse with a béarnaise sauce, but we also recommend it with our green peppercorn or marsala. The sauce that you choose to pair this steak with will determine which type of wine you should order to best compliment the dish. Remember, bring your appetite and be prepared to leave with a to-go box if you try to take on this massive cut!

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