You can find authentic Italian and Italian-inspired restaurants in almost every country on earth, which speaks to the food’s universal appeal. Whether you’re getting ready for a trip to Italy or you’re just trying to decide what to order for dessert next time you go out to dinner in your hometown, you will enjoy this guide.

As you look over the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn about some traditional Italian desserts that will wow your taste buds. Some chefs add their own twists to these traditional recipes, while other dishes remain nearly the same no matter where you go. You may even want to give some of these sweets a try in your kitchen someday!

Gelato – Perhaps the most famous of all Italian desserts, gelato’s base is a mixture of milk and sugar, traditionally thickened with eggs. Gelato is required to contain 3.5% butterfat, whereas conventional American ice cream has about 10% butterfat; this makes gelato a lower-fat choice in most cases. Furthermore, gelato is known for its rich, yet airy, texture, making it a sought-after dessert all over the world. Try our Sorbet & Gelato with a Glaze Madeleine!

Biscotti – Biscotti has become a staple in pastry shops, restaurants, and even some grocery stores throughout North America. The traditional Italian recipe consists of flour, eggs, sugar, pine nuts, and virgin almonds. There is no yeast or butter used. Biscotti is twice baked (which is where the name is actually derived) and served in slices. The Biscotti you can buy at the store may contain various nuts and other non-traditional ingredients, making it closer to the Biscotti variation of cantucci.

Tiramisu – Tiramisu is an Italian dessert of somewhat uncertain origin, although it undisputed that it became renowned at Le Beccherie restaurant in Veneto, Italy. The traditional recipe for tiramisu contains only finger biscuits, sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, egg whites, and mascarpone. Some variations you might see today also have whipped cream or chocolate chips on top.

This is just a short list of Italian desserts you need to try. There are dozens of other dessert recipes that can be found throughout Italy, but these are certainly some of the best. Even if you don’t have travel plans in the near future, stop by STRIP By Strega in Boston and indulge in our Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake and more.

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