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Anybody who’s a steak lover knows that the USDA grade shields are a considerable measure of safety and quality in American beef cuts. USDA grades are determined by qualified meat graders who use a specific process to grade the beef. Not many people understand what sets USDA choice steaks apart from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at how the USDA choice steaks receive their grading and what it means to be called a choice steak.

How is Beef Graded?

The USDA grades beef in two ways. The first is a grade for quality. This looks at the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the meat. The second is a yield grade which is based on the amount of usable meat on the carcass. There are three grades that steak can receive: Prime, Choice, and Select.

What is a Choice Steak?

Choice beef is the second highest grading of beef on the market. Choice steaks have less marbling than prime steaks but are still of exceptionally high-quality. Choice steaks from the rib and loin region of the cow will be flavorful, juicy, and tender. These steaks are perfect for dry-heat cooking. Restaurants and stores alike advertise choice steaks more often than any other cut because of the high-quality of the meat and reasonable price range.

What is a Prime Steak?

Prime beef is derived from young, well-fed cattle. This grade of beef has the most marbling and receives a remarkable rating for both qualities in taste and yield of usable meat. The most tender cuts are best cooked over dry heat, but all other cuts should be marinated for the best results. High-quality restaurants and hotels feature prime steaks on their menus. They may come with a slightly higher price tag, but they’re well worth the cost.

At Strip By Strega, our menu features only the highest quality prime steaks available. All steaks are served with our House Truffle Butter, and there are a variety of wines available to choose from as well. There are multiple sauces available to be served with your steak, including béarnaise, marsala, Strip steak sauce, and more. A prime sirloin, porterhouse, dry-aged ribeye, filet mignon, and bone-in filet are some of the many choices available on the carefully selected menu at Strip by Strega, located in Boston.

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