Whether you’re well-versed in the various steak cuts or you rarely order steak when dining out, nearly everyone has heard of filet mignon and ribeye. Determining the core differences between the two can be difficult so we’ve provided some insight into the two, helping you to order steak the next time you join us at STRIP By Strega.

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon often comes with a higher price tag than other cuts of steak, but it’s well worth the cost.  The tenderness found in a filet mignon is unmatched by any other cut of steak. The filet mignon has a lighter flavor than other cuts, which is why you often see it served with bacon or a sauce to add additional flavor. This cut of steak is perfect if you’re looking for great texture and mellow taste, but if a robust flavor is what you’re after then the next cut we talk about may be a better fit.


You may have heard the ribeye referred to as the most robust and flavorful cut of steak. The ribeye is filled with marbling, which adds a burst of flavor and an absolutely delicious, juicy texture. Unlike other cuts of meat, there’s no need for heavy seasoning or sauces to add flavor to a ribeye as the steak itself is packed with all of the taste you could want. The ribeye is often a fan favorite among steak lovers and chefs alike.

At STRIP by Strega, you can find an incredible selection of prime cut steaks to fulfill any craving you might have. If you’re looking for a tender texture, try the filet mignon, petite filet, or bone-in filet. If a strong flavor profile is more important to your dining experience, then try out the dry-aged ribeye for a robust taste that leaves a lasting impression. All prime cut steaks are served with STRIP By Strega’s house truffle butter sauce, and you can choose from a variety of other sauces if you’d like to pack on the flavor. Before ordering your steak, be sure to check out the impressive wine menu featured at STRIP By Strega.

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