Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, dessert wine might sound foreign to you, leaving you with a slew of questions. Similar to red, white and blush wines, dessert wines come in a variety of options, all of which work beautifully with different indulgent treats. Our experienced staff at Strip By Strega is here to provide you with our expert knowledge on dessert wines.

What is Dessert Wine?

Simply put, dessert wine is known for its high alcohol content and sweet taste, and it can easily be broken down into two categories -fortified and non-fortified. Fortified wine is a type of dessert wine containing extra alcohol that has been added during the fermentation process; the most common added alcohol is brandy. Alcohol is added during fermentation because to achieve the sweet taste of a dessert wine, much of the alcohol content is lost from the wine itself.

Helpful Tip: The most common fortified dessert wines are port and sherry.

Non-fortified dessert wine does not contain any added alcohol which means to achieve the sweet taste and maintain a high alcohol content, sugar is added to the wine while making it. There are many non-fortified dessert wines on the market, but the most notable is ice wine.

How is Dessert Wine Served?

Due to the higher alcohol content found in dessert wine, it is typically served in a smaller glass than typical wine would be. Dessert wine is meant to be served with a dessert that is equally as sweet or sweeter than the wine itself. It should be sipped, similar to bourbon or whiskey, and used to balance out the flavors of the dessert.

At STRIP by Strega, we provide our guests with an entire menu of dessert wines to compliment whatever dessert you decide to order. The dessert wine selection at STRIP By Strega includes some of the highest quality dessert wines available, including 20yr Taylor Fladgate ‘Tawny, 1997 Taylor Fladgate Douro Portugal Vintage Port, and 1995 Fattoria Della Talosa Vin Santo di Montepulciano. If you’re unsure which dessert wine would best compliment the dessert of your choice, the highly educated staff at STRIP will be able to lead you in the right direction.

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